By Gary Hansford
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Here at Blackstone we too feel profound sadness with the passing of HM Queen Elizabeth II aged 96.
Our emotions have even taken us by surprise today as we come to mourn with real heartfelt and deeply sincere sadness.
Of course, it is an incredibly sad time for the UK, the Commonwealth and really the whole World in general. The Queen was without doubt a truly remarkable and special lady. She was unquestionably a exceptional leader who led with true grace and incredible selfless devotion, and she was the rock that united our modern-day society. She was an amazingly strong character yet with a wonderful  sense of humour, and she had an unrivalled and wide appeal to so many.
We strongly believe that there is no other person and we mean man or woman alive or dead who could have united the United Kingdom and Commonwealth with such inspiration, duty and dedication.
We feel hugely honoured and proud to have been alive during her incredible era and long 70-year reign.
What a WOMAN, What a QUEEN  !!   Reunited with her beloved Prince Philip.  May you Rest in your Majesty.

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